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Our Team.

Founded in 2023, District 507's journey has felt like a lifelong endeavor. The aspiration of having our own gym has burned within us, but as anyone who's embarked on building a business knows, starting from scratch is an immense challenge both physically and mentally. We take pride in our unrelenting work ethic and discipline, leaving us with no option but to succeed.


Our longing for a gym has been accompanied by a desire to bring something new to Rochester. We aimed to establish a gym that transcends the ordinary—a haven for our members. The heartbeat of our gym is our members; they drive its existence, shape its culture, and infuse it with vitality. Beyond a mere fitness center, it's a sanctuary, an escape from the complexities of life—a place where like-minded individuals converge, connecting through shared aspirations, goals, and fervor.


As you step inside, a sensation like none other envelops you. This is not merely a gym; it's a home where you find respite, refuge, and camaraderie. District 507 is an embodiment of our dedication, and when you walk through its doors, you'll feel a sense of belonging that's truly unparalleled. This is more than a gym; this is home.


Founder & Coach


For the past nine years, Ty has been immersed in the fitness industry, a journey that began intriguingly when Ty was just 12. His active lifestyle commenced with sports in high school and evolved into intensive weight training, becoming an inherent part of his identity. At 13, he initiated training sessions for older women with chair workouts, eventually progressing to personal training for middle schoolers, friends, and older clients at 16. Upon relocating to the twin cities at 18, he rapidly ascended to personal training management and within a year, established his own personal training enterprise.

Amidst these milestones, the challenges of the pandemic led him to transition from a job in the twin cities to operating his personal training business out of a friend's gym in Menomonie, WI, where he encountered Maria. His journey continued with taking charge of a struggling Snap Fitness gym in Kenosha, WI, orchestrating a remarkable transformation into a thriving enterprise. In the following years, Ty's exceptional talent for revival saw him moving across various cities to rejuvenate a series of faltering gyms.

Throughout this dynamic trajectory, Ty unwaveringly upholds his personal health and wellness goals, driven by his dedication to not only enhancing his physique but also fostering connections with individuals. His deepest passion lies in assisting others in achieving their physique aspirations, all while pursuing his own journey in bodybuilding, competing in shows, and ensuring his own physical excellence.


Founder & Coach


Around four years ago, I embarked on my fitness journey, marking my entry into the fitness industry. My initial motivation was driven by a deep dissatisfaction with my appearance, weighing around 230 lbs at my heaviest and lacking in health. Unfamiliar with concepts like macros, I found solace in the gym, drawn to the strength and lifting prowess that kept me committed. After five months, a desire to shed weight led me to delve into research and adopt a calorie deficit approach.

A turning point arrived when I crossed paths with Ty, who became a pivotal mentor, enlightening me beyond measure. Our shared passion culminated in taking over a Snap Fitness in Kenosha, Wi together. Despite the numerous relocations over the last two years, the fitness industry remained our anchor throughout. My journey wasn't without struggles, including battles with food, training, personal relationships, loss in the family, and more. Through it all, the gym stood as a constant source of support.

In July 2023, I stepped onto the bodybuilding stage for the first time, and it was during my preparation and the competition that my calling crystallized. It became evident that my purpose lay in bodybuilding and owning a gym, guiding others from my starting point to where I stand today – healthy and content. My aspiration is to empower individuals on their transformative journeys, just as I have experienced, all while pursuing my passion for bodybuilding.

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