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Our Team.

Founded in 2023, District 507's journey has felt like a lifelong endeavor. The aspiration of having our own gym has burned within us, but as anyone who's embarked on building a business knows, starting from scratch is an immense challenge both physically and mentally. We take pride in our unrelenting work ethic and discipline, leaving us with no option but to succeed.


Our longing for a gym has been accompanied by a desire to bring something new to Rochester. We aimed to establish a gym that transcends the ordinary—a haven for our members. The heartbeat of our gym is our members; they drive its existence, shape its culture, and infuse it with vitality. Beyond a mere fitness center, it's a sanctuary, an escape from the complexities of life—a place where like-minded individuals converge, connecting through shared aspirations, goals, and fervor.


As you step inside, a sensation like none other envelops you. This is not merely a gym; it's a home where you find respite, refuge, and camaraderie. District 507 is an embodiment of our dedication, and when you walk through its doors, you'll feel a sense of belonging that's truly unparalleled. This is more than a gym; this is home.

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